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Drew Morgan is a professional portrait, commercial and documentary photographer based in South East London.

Grub's up!

Today I had a rare day of freedom, so spent the morning clearing back part of the garden that had become overgrown and wild. As I lit the bonfire I noticed an old gate which at some time we'd used to block a hole in the hedge. Hedge now long since recovered and hole-less I decided to repurpose the old gate as a prop for the studio, all I needed now was an appropriate subject! 

What could be more appropriate for a westcountry gate than a traditional cheese ploughman's? 

After bringing the gate inside for a while to dry out, I popped to the baker in town and bought a lovely sourdough loaf. Then, armed with some proper ticklish devon Cheddar and a friendly looking lettuce I decked out the gate with a spread fit for a hungry Devon farmer! 

Something was missing though, Apple and Pear Chutney was the missing element which brought the meal, and the photo together.

Drew Morgan