Drew Morgan | Photographer [England +44 7545 801 987]

Drew Morgan is a professional portrait, commercial and documentary photographer based in South East London.

Photo Restoration

In this digital age it sometimes seems strange to think that photographs can be damaged by things other than computer viruses, but precious memories are still captured in film, and many of the most precious only survive in our minds and on one or two copies of a beaten up, folded, torn or faded photograph. Thankfully the digital world has given these photographs a second chance. Using high resolution scanners and specialist software, it is possible to create a digital version of your treasured photograph which can then be painstakingly restored to its original condition (or as close as physically possible)

The finished image can then be printed on archival quality photographic paper, ready to be framed and given a second life.

I'm happy to announce that I will be offering photo restoration services on a case by case basis from February 2011, please get in touch through the website if you would like to take advantage of introductory pricing.