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Drew Morgan is a professional portrait, commercial and documentary photographer based in South East London.

Get me to the Church

I must admit, weddings are not the day-to-day of my photography. I don't advertise that I do weddings and take them on rarely, by special request and only when I feel that the couple and I will really click. With that in mind, to my delight, an old school friend of mine contacted me last year to ask if I would photograph her wedding. Today is the big day - of course I said yes!

Jess and Martin met through a web of mutual friends and from what I gather it was pretty obvious they were meant to be together; Looking at them now, it certainly is.

Last night I popped along to the wedding rehearsal at St Boniface Catholic Church in Crediton, I really do feel privileged to be part of such an intimate and friendly family wedding. No spoilers, but a family friend will be singing a psalm, the priest is chatty and relaxed and the church looks beautiful with flowers arranged by Jess's Gran.

Here's a little pre-wedding shot from the rehearsal

I'm now open to shooting more weddings in the London and possibly Oxford area now, as well as Devon. Whilst this may seem a strange spread of places, they are the locations to which I have easy access, and knowledge of the area.

If you're getting married, particularly if you're planning on getting married in Central London or in Greenwich, please do get in touch and I can send you samples of my wedding work as well as referrals from previous brides.