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Day Three: Leaving Rome for Siena

Leaving 'Alice's House', as my lodgings in Rome had been called, I felt a certain sense of regret that I hadn't allowed myself longer in Italy's capital city. Although I managed to squeeze a lot in to one and a half day, I still feel as though I've missed so much: the Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon and more. Despite my failure to find the fountain and cast a coin in to it, thus ensuring my return, I feel it's inevitable that I shall - after all, I hate a half finished job! I'm writing this portion of the blog sat on a train bound for Chiusi in order that I might change there for Siena. It seems quite possible that It might take forever to get to Chiusi, based on the pace of this train and the frequency of its stops. Hopefully this unusual spate of speed will last for a while now!

A few reflections on Rome then, before I must change at Chiusi. * People seem to reserve phone conversations for when they're driving. Even the moped riders. * The system of water fountains across the city are a lifesaver, and a wallet saver also. * It is considered quite normal to blatantly check out members of the opposite sex as they pass. * All of the main sites are within walking distance for a reasonably fit person. * The hawkers are all of Indian/Pakistani descent. * Tour groups are useful to stand near and listen in on. * A walk to the Tiber, though strenuous at mid-day, should be on your itinerary. * Learned today that "pray go" really means "you're welcome" or "it's fine" and is used in many different ways. For example when in line at a shop, it will be used to signify you should come forward to the till.