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Day Five: Siena to Florence to Venice

Day five began with drums. Lots of drums and not the pounding internal drums of a Sunday morning after a heavy saturday night. I awoke to the sound of the Noble Contrada of the Caterpillar parading past my room in full regalia. It transpires that this weekend they were celebrating something to do with Maria and had a full program of events. I hastily dressed and ran outside to see the tail end of the Caterpillar make its way past the block, hoping to catch it further down the road I circled around to a crossroads and found a traffic jam caused by the scores of drummers and pennant bearers. You must understand that this is in no way a stunt for tourists, this was shortly after eight on a Sunday morning, hardly the time for mass tourism appeal. After the procession wound its way up a large hill I decided to freshen up and grab a cappuccino at a cafe/bar recommended to me by a friend. The bar has a 'secret' terrazzo, over looking il Campo and the coffee was unlike anything I've tasted before; sweetened and at the perfect drinking temperature it, combined with the parade of the Contrada, made for a perfect ending to my stay in Venice.



By 10am I had stripped the bed and returned to keys to my small room, loaded up I wandered back to the Piazza to fill up on water from the fountain and spend a few last minutes in the square. Before leaving though, I stopped to part with €6 for a small token of the Contrada in which I had stayed: Contrada del Torre.

I'm now on the train from Siena to Firenze (Florence) after a wild goose chase in search of the bus to the Stazione. I'll only have a brief stay in Florence before boarding the 15:20 Eurostar Italia to Venice. No idea how much I can accomplish in less than two hours, but I'll give it a shot!